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The number fifteen in Nepali is written as paaNcauN. It is written with a “c” at the end, the same way as English. Similarly, numbers ending in “c” are written as a consonant, “ahN.”

Today, 15 US Dollars are worth 1873.3 Nepali Rupees. The current tool will convert USD to NPR using live average market currency rates. You can also view a historical chart and a table of the previous 10 days’ conversion. The USD/NPR converter will also show you real exchange rates for 15 USD in other currencies and foreign money. This is very useful if you want to get an idea of the current price of your currency.

Planting Festival – The 15th day of the Nepali month Ashad is a special day for farmers. The Nepal Government has proclaimed this day as the National Paddy Day. On Asar 15 people go to muddy fields to plant crops. They sing traditional songs, dance, and eat a special dish called dahi chiura. The day of planting paddy has many other meanings, including good luck.

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