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This Pater Noster setting, originally written in the Tagalog language as Ama Namin (Our Father), won first prize in the international choral composition competition in 1999. The text depicts men and women in prayerful worship. The piece builds up harmonic complexity as the chorus and ensemble approach the middle section, culminating in a soaring final section. The text also closes with meditative passages and an antiphonic conclusion.

Ama Namin is the Filipino translation of the Lord’s Prayer. It uses the plural form of namin to make it easier to pronounce and easier to understand. The Tagalog translation of Ama Namin is a beautiful prayer in its own right, and is an excellent choice for church services and celebrations. Here are some ways in which you can make your own rendition of Ama Namin. The translations are available below.

Ama Namin Tagalog Remix lyrics are also available online. Browse our archive of songs to find Ama Namin Tagalog lyrics by song title. For additional information, you can also view the video lyrics. Once you’ve found your favorite Ama Namin Tagalog song, you can search for the corresponding translation on YouTube. After all, the translation is usually not as difficult as you might think.

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