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You may have noticed some similarities between anime and manga, but there are some key differences between the two genres. For example, manga and anime can be considered different genres, but the two generally have the same basic themes. For example, fantasy anime may focus on magical creatures and romance may focus on men and women. In anime, however, the two genres are often interchangeable. If you want to watch a series that appeals to both audiences, there are a few common subgenres to look out for.

Drama focuses on historical events and settings and usually reflects real-life situations. Fantasy anime, for example, may depict the medieval times of Japan. These stories often feature Samurai and Ninja, much like their counterparts in the West. While the setting is often fantasy, there are plenty of drama anime set in more realistic times and locations, such as in modern times. You may even catch a realistic WWII film if you enjoy this genre.

Action and battle anime are another popular type of anime. While this style is not always about fighting, it does focus on a large amount of action and often hundreds of episodes. If you love action and lots of action, shonen is an excellent choice. For those looking for a quick fix, there are several other anime genres to consider. For more information, see the list below! Once you’ve narrowed down your options, you can choose the right type of anime for you.

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