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If you want to expand your listening skills, you can listen to Chinese singers. Chinese music has changed drastically since 1978 when the country adopted a policy of reform and opening up. Since then, a large number of popular songs have come into existence that reflect changes in Chinese culture and lifestyle. Here are 10 popular female singers from China whose songs reflect changes in our daily lives. Enjoy! Read on to learn more. Let’s start!

Li Yu Chun is a famous androgynous Chinese pop star. She has achieved international fame after winning a talent competition similar to American Idol. With a range of musical styles, Li Yu Chun has achieved a wide following and is a popular ambassador for Western brands in China. She is one of the most popular and profitable artists in China today. She has been singing for nearly a decade and released several songs in both English and Chinese.

Lexie Liu is another popular Chinese singer. She was born in Shanghai, but grew up in Denmark under the influence of northern European music. Her signature sound combines acoustic music and trip hop. She is also the first pop singer to sing in Sanskrit. Her songs are also inspired by Yimou Zhang’s films and traditional Chinese principals. For the most part, Chinese singers aren’t known for their acoustic guitars.

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