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You’ve probably heard one of these funny Spanish sayings before, but do you know what they really mean? Most of them have something to do with drinking, such as “que Dios te guarde” or “ojala se le olvide donde.” If you are unfamiliar with Spanish sayings, you can learn more about them by following the links below. A few other phrases you might want to remember:

“De Guatebad a Guate-worse” is a Spanish saying that means, “from bad to worse.” This expression is often used to express the sentiment that something went from good to bad. In English, this would be equivalent to saying, “out of the frying pan into the fire.” But you need to remember that this phrase has many variations, as different Spanish-speaking countries have different versions of it.

While learning a new language can be frustrating, there are ways to make it more enjoyable. Spanish sayings are often intertwined with local culture. This means you’re more likely to hear funny expressions in the language than in English. For instance, the word “no idea” has different meanings in Spanish than it does in English. Luckily, you can make learning Spanish fun with these Spanish sayings. Just remember that they’re not your textbook translations.

If you are looking for a phrase to describe someone who is cheeky, try “botar la casa por la ventana.” This phrase comes from a lottery that took place in Spain in the 18th century. The winner was able to afford new luxury items. Those who were lucky enough could throw their old house out the window. Thankfully, the Spanish language has many more phrases for this kind of behavior. And the best part? The majority of them are completely untranslatable into English!

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