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The best way to wish a friend a happy birthday in Bengali is to send them a card in this language. The greeting is typically simple: “jnm din prtyek maanusser kaachei ebN aamraa.”

Happy birthday in Bengali is an expression of joy and happiness, expressing best wishes and good wishes to someone on their birthday. Although birthdays vary by culture, the sentiments are universal. Whether you want to greet your mother, wife, or boyfriend in their native language, you can be sure that they will be touched by your words. Listed below are some examples of how to wish a loved one in Bengali. They may also appreciate a poem written in their language.

To say “happy birthday” in Bengali, begin the greeting with the year you were born. If you were born on the Hindu calendar, your birthday would be on the fifth day of the month of Tor Janya Bhalobasa. Then, you should add the date of the birth in brackets to indicate the age of the recipient. Likewise, you can wish a friend a happy birthday in Bengali by using the name of their beloved’s Hindu name.

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