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How Are You in Korean?

When you’re talking to a Korean friend or family member, how do you say ‘how are you?’? You can either use the informal form, jal jinaesseo?, or the formal form, ‘yo,’ which means ‘well’. The informal form is generally used for very close friends. It lacks the Hangul character yo, but it can be used when necessary.

Another way to say “how are you?” is to use the phrase “eoddeohge jinaesseoyo,” which means “how are you?” It is often used for the same purpose as the formal form. The informal form is used with younger people, children, close friends, and spouses. It is also used in business meetings. If you’re speaking with an older friend, you can use jinaeda, which means “spending time with you.”

In informal conversation, you’ll use “how are you?” to ask someone how they’re doing. It’s polite to ask someone how they’re doing, but it’s also important to avoid sounding rude. Korean people view even strangers as friends, so it’s a good idea to learn basic phrases to make yourself more approachable. Koreans don’t want to seem rude, but they do like to feel welcome and appreciated.

If you’re asking someone how are you in Korean, you’re likely to encounter the word “bab meogeosseoyo” more often than in English. This word literally means “did you eat?” but can also mean “how are you?” Informally, the response can be either ne (I ate) or aniyo (you’ve been eating) or gwaenchanhayo, which simply means “you’re fine.”

How Are You in Korean?

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