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How Are You in Polish?

“How are you?” is a common greeting in Polish. It’s informal and not appropriate for professional relationships. Polish people often use “how are you?” to talk about the day’s events or problems. Then they might respond with a long description of their day or simply utter one word. If you’re not sure when to use “how are you?” in Polish, keep reading to find out how to properly say it in various situations.

The first time you say “how are you?” in Polish, it’s polite to greet people in a polite way. Try to stand in direct eye contact and shake hands with everyone you meet. Also, men and women shake hands before addressing each other. And when they’re older, they kiss women on the hands. Polish people consider monkeys to be so-so. But they can talk and sing. In fact, the phrase kepsko, which means “thank you,” means sabo in Polish.

Depending on who you’re talking to, a simple “How are you?” can work just fine. For more formal situations, you may want to opt for the more formal “jak sie masz?” or “jak sie panstwo czujesz?”

How Are You in Polish?

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