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There are two ways to say thirty in German. First of all, you can say it as zwanzig or dreixdfig. Then you can use ‘hour’ to show the time after the minute. The hour is written between the minute and hour. However, in Germany, the word ‘half past’ is only used when the time is standard (12 hours).

In Germany, the clock is different from ours, but they still use numbers from one to twelve throughout the day. The time is always related to the context, so you can use the numbers as a guide to understand what is happening around you. In some situations, people meet at specific times of day, such as bus or train times, which is usually in military time. In other instances, you might use numbers to show appointments or official meetings.

German time expressions are similar to those we use in English. The word for a thousand in German is ‘tausend’, but it is pronounced in a very different way. The same rules apply to adding hundreds in German. Adding a ten-digit number follows the rules for the first ten-digit number. The word ‘zero’ is the same as the German word for ten-tenth. In German, you can also find a number that indicates ten hours.

Another common confusion with German numbers is how to write the number one to ten. It is best to practice writing the second number first. This way, you’ll get a better sense of how the numbers are written. Eventually, you’ll have no problem saying ten to thirty in German. However, if you want to learn how to say thirty in German, you should also take the time to learn how to write the number one to ten.

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