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How to Say Animals in German

Learning how to say animals in German can be a breeze if you know the proper word formation. There are several German word blocks that will help you learn animal names and their definitions. Depending on the animal, the German word may sound slightly different from our English equivalents. The last word of each phrase will be connected to the article that precedes it. Here are some of the most common words to say animals in German. Learn these German word formations and you’ll be on your way to speaking German fluently.

For a basic understanding of German animal vocabulary, start with Die Tiere auf Deutsch lernen. This app introduces animal names and genders. The book is recommended for people who already have a good basic vocabulary of words for animals. In addition to the common animal words, Germans use a number of humorous phrases related to animals. They’ll love hearing you speak German animal phrases! You’ll soon find yourself having conversations with the locals and making new friends in no time.

Germans love their pets. There are 34 million Germans who have at least one pet. The most common pets include dogs and cats. German television is full of animal documentaries. Learn the correct names of animals in German to make it easier to communicate with locals. These quizzes will help you to learn the correct words and phrases for the animals that you’re familiar with. And don’t worry if you don’t have the time to devote to a purely academic German study session. You can always take a practice quiz from a website like ToLearnFree.

How to Say Animals in German

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