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To say “cheers” in Dutch, you must be aware of the etiquette. The dutch are fond of toasting and use various toasting terms. Proost, which means “to health”, is used for toasts in informal settings. Sante, or “sir!” is preferred for more formal settings. Listed below are some tips for toasting in Dutch. Read on to learn more!

The word “cheers” is pronounced in both French and Dutch. It sounds like the sound of clinking glasses. Dutchmen also use the word “cin cin” to toast, which sounds similar to “salud.”

Another interesting thing about toasting in Dutch is that it can mean health. You can say proost to your drinking partner with a clinking bottle or glass. To say “cheers” in Dutch, you must look at your drinking companion with your eye when the glasses make contact. You can also use other words, like “cheers!”, to toast. But be sure to stick to saying “cheers!” in Dutch to avoid being mistaken for someone who doesn’t understand it.

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