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How to Say Congratulations in Italian

Congratulations in Italian are formal expressions meant to express happiness. This phrase is usually addressed to people directly involved in a personal celebration. Despite being an official Italian expression, it is used much less frequently in spoken conversations than in written ones. Instead, use the word “felicitazioni” to say happy birthday or happy anniversary. This term is also appropriate for celebrating the arrival of a baby or a wedding.

Other occasions that call for the expression of congratulations include birthdays, weddings, and births. The word auguri comes from the verb augurare, which means “to wish”.

Aside from saying “Congratulations,” Italians also use compliments as a way to show appreciation for something. This phrase can be used to praise a friend’s new outfit or a colleague’s impressive English speaking abilities. It is always polite to say thanks for a compliment, however. Many Italians also use the word molto grazie to thank a person for their efforts. However, it is important to remember that compliments are not as formal as congratulazioni.

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How to Say Congratulations in Italian

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