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How to Say Garden in French

Learn to say garden in French! The regular ER verb jardiner is used to say “garden.” You can use it in all major French tenses, including the perfect tense. Remember to use memory link pictures and zany scences to learn the verbs. You will need these when describing your own garden. Then you can translate the sentence to English. The following examples show how to say garden in French.

The French have a long and complex history of gardens. Andre Le Notre’s gardens are a great example of this. His gardens interacted with the styles of classical architecture and baroque design, creating a garden that was sometimes monumental and sometimes colossal. The gardens at Versailles were the height of immoderation in the late seventeenth century. In addition, the gardens were designed by dynasties of gardeners, from the Mollets who created intricate parterres to the Francines, who were hydraulic engineers from Italy.

Despite being the most common French language, there are other ways to express “garden” in French. There are two main types of gardens: enclosed gardens and open spaces. French gardens tended to be enclosed but Italian discoveries opened up compositions. The addition of canals and large allees, as well as parterres (gardens made of compartments separated by low-cut plantings), led to an expanding array of designs. The use of vanishing points on a horizon became a key element of French gardens.

How to Say Garden in French

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