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How to Say Good Morning in Chinese

If you want to know how to say good morning in Chinese, this article will be of some help. Chinese is an incredibly rich language with many dialects, and most people in China speak mandarin, as well as their own local dialect. Good morning in Mandarin is written as ‘zao shang hao’, while in simplified Chinese it is ‘zao an’. In Mandarin, ‘zao’ refers to the first sun of the day, so the word “zao” is pronounced “zao an” (good).

The full phrase for “good morning” is ‘zao shang hao’, meaning ‘hello’. You can also say ‘good afternoon’, “good morning” or ‘good evening’ with this phrase. It’s a common greeting that can be used to greet friends and family, as well as dignitaries. You can also simplify the greeting by using ‘zao’ instead of ‘ni hao’, since ni hao is also a word.

Despite being used as an informal greeting, you can still use it to show respect and kindness to others. You can use this greeting for people in higher positions, such as teachers or superiors. Nin hao is also appropriate to use in formal correspondence. The Chinese will not be offended if you simply use “good morning” to greet someone. The Chinese language is increasingly open to the influence of English, so using “hi” is perfectly acceptable even if you’re not a native speaker.

How to Say Good Morning in Chinese

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