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How to Say Good Night in Spanish

If you want to express your affection for someone, the best way to say good night in Spanish is by using the right phrase. Spanish is a language full of romance words, so the equivalent phrases for good night in Spanish are buenas noches, hermosa, bella, bonita, and much more. To make your words sound more masculine, you can switch the -a ending to -o.

Buenas Noches is the plural form of the feminine noun “noche.” It is a farewell or greeting that’s similar to “goodnight” in English, but Spanish doesn’t have a verb. However, it’s a great alternative to “good night.”

The phrase “buenas noches” is used to say good night after 8 pm, but is more formal than “good night.” In Spanish, you can use the phrase duermete to tell a child to go to sleep. However, duermete is not used in formal contexts. Instead, “good night” is a phrase used in informal contexts. If you’d like to use “buenas noches,” make sure you’re using “buenas noches” instead of “good night.”

Lastly, the phrase “buenas noches” is the equivalent of “good night” in Spanish. It is used to express good feelings to a person. The Spanish word for “night” is bueno, and the word for evening is noches. If you’re looking for a way to express affection for a friend or loved one, you can use “buenas noches,” which is both informal and formal.

How to Say Good Night in Spanish

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