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How to Say Goodnight in French

Knowing how to say goodnight in French will give you an edge over your friends. In addition to the countless other ways to say goodnight in French, you can use the following phrases to wish your loved ones a happy and prosperous night. Read on to learn how to say goodnight in French! This way, you’ll feel a lot better about ending your day! In addition to the above phrases, you can also use the following resources to practice your new language skills:

Bonsoir is the equivalent of goodnight, but is often used for the evening hours in France. You’ll hear the word in restaurants and bakeries, where it’s used to welcome guests and say goodbye. Unlike a “hi,” this phrase is more formal and used when you’re far away from someone you don’t know. It’s an appropriate way to end your evening with a friend, or to say goodbye to a stranger.

The most common way to say goodnight in French is with the phrase bonne nuit. It means “good night.” This phrase is used only with people that you know. It’s often used when you’re leaving a restaurant or going to bed, but it’s not appropriate to say goodnight when you’re talking to an unrelated person. Alternatively, you can use “bonjour,” which means “good-night” in English.

How to Say Goodnight in French

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