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How to Say Goodnight in Japanese

You might be wondering how to say goodnight in Japanese. The word for goodnight in Japanese is Konbanwa, which literally means “good evening” or “tonight.” It sounds more formal than the more common Konnichiwa, and you can use it when you aren’t saying it to friends or neighbors. You can also use it to greet a romantic partner. Here are some tips.

Goodnight is not an ambiguous word in Japanese, however. There are many different forms of it, including oyasuminasai and oyasumi. In general, you want to avoid referring to someone as ‘elderly,’ since that’s a sign of disrespect. The phrase ‘good night’ is also the same as ‘good-night’ in English.

When saying goodnight, you’ll want to make sure you’ve learned the correct pronunciation of ohayou. This word sounds like “g’morning,” but in Japanese, the vowels are lowered and the consonants roll. Also, osoyou is a playful combination of ohayou and osoi. It’s used in conversation, and is not uncommon to hear people utter “goodnight” to close a meeting.

When you’re trying to find the correct phrase for “goodnight,” be sure to read the Japanese script. The kanji ‘ohayou’ is a common way to say “goodnight” to friends. When a friend says goodnight to you, they’ll exaggerate the sounds and draw the “o” out more. However, when speaking to family members, you’ll most likely use the word ‘konbanha’.

How to Say Goodnight in Japanese

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