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How to Say Goodnight in Spanish

In Spanish, the most common farewell is “hacia la tarde”, meaning “until tomorrow.” However, the phrase isn’t just used for saying goodnight to someone you won’t see for a while. You can also say “see you tomorrow” and mean the same thing. For example, if you’re checking into a hotel, the receptionist may say “hasta manana.” The phrase may mean goodnight or rest, or simply, get some sleep.

If you’re traveling to a country where Spanish is the official language, you’ll need to know how to say “goodnight.” You can vary the wording to suit the situation. It’s also helpful to know how to say “goodnight” in different situations. Regardless of whether you’re traveling or staying in a Spanish-speaking country, knowing how to say “goodnight” is important in any bilingual situation.

Aside from “goodnight,” you can also say “descansa.” This informal way of saying goodnight is synonymous with sleeping and can be used between two people, whether it’s a friend, a family member, or a romantic partner. However, the phrase “descansa” is generally used in casual conversation, as a polite way to say “good night.”

In Spanish, “buenas noches” means “good night” and is used when an activity ends. This phrase is used when one person is heading to bed, but the intent is to wish the person a pleasant night’s sleep. Similarly, “buenas tardes” is used when someone is saying to another person: good evening. But you can also use “buenas noches” if you want to convey a more formal greeting to a Spanish-speaking person.

How to Say Goodnight in Spanish

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