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If you want to say “Happy Birthday” in Arabic, there are a few options. You can either say “Eid milad saeed” or “yd myld syd.” Both forms mean “be healthy and prosperous every year.” Regardless of gender, both versions are equally appropriate. Here are some examples. In Arabic, the words for “Happy Birthday” can be either spelled out or pronounced as you would in English.

The Arabic version of the phrase “Happy Birthday” is an anthem that was first recorded in Egypt in the 1960s. This Arabic greeting gained popularity after appearing in a Lebanese movie. It means “stay healthy and blessed” and is often accompanied by a bouquet of flowers. In English, we’d say “Happy Birthday,” but “sana helwa” means “sweet year.”

It’s important to note that the Arabic language has different forms for men and women. If the person is a man, you’d say kol saneh wa inti salmeh. Likewise, if the person is a woman, the form would be kol a’am wa inti bi kheir. If the speaker is a woman, you’d say “kol a’am wa inti salmeh”.

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