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How to Say Happy Birthday in Cantonese

There are many ways to say “happy birthday” in Cantonese. One way is to say “he pi bi fu di”, which means “he is happy” but has no semantic meaning. Another way to say “happy birthday” in Cantonese is to say “sheng ri kuai le,” which literally translates to “birthday is quick!”

Learning to say “happy birthday in Cantonese” is an excellent way to practice greeting friends and family on important days. Chinese do not celebrate birthdays every year, but they do celebrate them on important dates. For example, a child’s first birthday is marked with long noodles, wishing the child a long life. In Cantonese, the most common greeting for a happy birthday is “faai lok” – which literally means “happy” in English.

It’s also important to add phrases to your greetings to make them more meaningful. Use the phrases for formal and informal situations. Remember that different greetings differ depending on how close you are to the celebrant. In English, “happy birthday” would be Ngau4 Jat1 Faai3 Lok6 – but don’t stop there! Add a name or special occasion to the greeting to make it more personalized.

How to Say Happy Birthday in Cantonese

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