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How to Say Happy Birthday in Korean Writing

In Korean, “Happy birthday” can be expressed in two different ways, both formal and informal. The informal way is called saengil cughahae!, while the more formal form is called saengil cughahabnida. In both cases, the words “hae” and “yo” are pronounced similarly. Here are some examples of how to say “Happy Birthday” in Korean.

The formal version of ‘happy birthday’ is cughahada, which means ‘to celebrate’ or ‘to congratulate.’ It is used for people who command respect, such as elders. The colloquial version is saengil cughahae cinguya, which means “to wish good luck”.

Many Koreans enjoy a special birthday meal. On January 1, Koreans enjoy ddeoggug (also called Duk-Kook), a dish made of rice cakes, sliced meat in a bone broth, and an egg. The older generation often throws a party or drinks at a bar. The elders prefer cash because they are practical. In addition, Koreans celebrate birthdays by giving to their friends.

To express your gratitude, you can also use formal greetings. If you want to express your appreciation for someone, you can use saengil cughahaeyo or saengil cughahabnida. Both of these ways convey the same sentiment, but are less formal than other forms. The latter is more appropriate for formal occasions. But if you are trying to say “happy birthday” in Korean, make sure to use the right form!

How to Say Happy Birthday in Korean Writing

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