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How to Say Happy Birthday in Tagalog

If you’re wondering how to say happy birthday in Tagalog, you’ve come to the right place. The Filipino version of the popular phrase is Maligayang Kaarawan, and the -ng at the end is known as the ‘pang-angkop’ ligature. This version is used exclusively for birthdays, and is not appropriate for everyday use. To learn more about the phrase, continue reading.

To say happy birthday in Tagalog, the phrase is Maligayang Araw ng Kapanganakan, which means “happy day.” Other phrases include Maligayang Pagbati, which is a Filipino greeting that translates to “happy greetings.” In addition to these phrases, Filipinos also use Italian-inspired ‘pancit bihon’, a traditional dish that is served with a sweet sauce.

Filipinos celebrate birthdays in grand style, with tons of balloons, karaoke, mounds of food, dancing, and singing. There are four main milestones in a person’s life-the first, seventh, and 18th, as well as the 21st. Filipinos generally celebrate their birthdays with a grand celebration, which may include 18 candles and flowers. These are the most important milestones, and Filipinos take great care of these important days.

How to Say Happy Birthday in Tagalog

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