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How to Say I Love You in Korean

Do you want to express your feelings to a special someone? You can use these Korean love phrases to make your point. These phrases are especially suitable to use with your parents, siblings, or close friends. The word “oppa” means “grandfather” and is a respectful way to say “I love you.” There are two variations of this Korean saying: the formal and more informal versions.

To express your love, you must first learn the Hangul letters, the basis of Korean language. You can use apps that will teach you how to write Hangul, such as Egg Bun. The app is a useful tool to learn Korean and the culture. “Oppa” means older brother or cousin. In Korea, it can refer to any male. It is an informal term, but it has meaning in both the romantic and casual worlds.

The standard way to say “I love you” in Korean is saranghada, which is derived from the dictionary form of “hada,” which means “to love.” You can use saranghada to express your feelings to your oppa, whether it’s to express your feelings or just show your appreciation. The verb “saranghada” also has a regular conjugation.

How to Say I Love You in Korean

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