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How to Say in Japanese

If you are looking to get the hang of the language, here are a few important phrases to learn. If you feel uncomfortable, say “tsu” in Japanese. The ‘tsu’ sounds like the sound at the end of English words such as “cat” and “boots”.

The first phrase is ‘irasshaimase’, which means hello. If you’re in a shop, you’ll probably hear a chorus of irasshaimase! (which is “hello!”) as soon as you enter. This is the equivalent of “what the heck is that?” in English. The second phrase, ‘itsudesuka’, is used in casual situations and is similar to the English “what time is it?”

‘I’m sorry’ is another Japanese phrase to say “thank you’. It’s often used in casual settings, but you can also use ‘onegaishimasu’ in a formal setting. For instance, you can say ‘thank you’ when you’re dining out with someone, or ‘how can I help you’ in a restaurant.’ Onegaishimasu is pronounced ‘ee-rah-shee-moss-eh’.

The next Japanese phrase is ‘hello’. In general, it’s the same as ‘hello’ but with a different emphasis. It’s a good idea to practice these phrases until you’re comfortable with them. If you’re unsure of how to say ‘hello’, ukeru (hello) is used in casual situations. ‘Hello’ is another phrase you’ll need to know.

How to Say in Japanese

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