How to Say Money in French

How to Say Money in French

You can begin learning how to say money in French by recognizing the terms.

French words for money include guichet, which sounds like the English word “payment” but refers to the counter at a bank, and compte en banque, which is similar to a checking account.

In the English-speaking world, the term “current account” is commonly used to refer to the same thing.

You might also come across words such as decouvert, which means “uncovered” or “discount.”

In French, this phrase can refer to the act of dying, as it is a common expression in Louisiana.

In French, pognon is a slang word for money, derived from the old French word for a five-franc coin.

The word poigner is a colloquial term meaning “to catch.”

Because of this, pognon can also mean “fistful of money.”

There are many ways to say money in French.

Depending on the context, you can use figurative language, hyperbole, and style.

You might also hear the expression ca coute les yeux de la tete, which is French for “money”.

The euro is the official currency of France and is used in 18 other countries in the European Union.

The euro replaced the French franc in 2002, and is now the world’s second most-traded currency on the foreign exchange market.

In France, the euro symbol is written after the numeral.

Although contactless technology isn’t yet widespread, many merchants still accept the old franc as a form of payment.

It’s easy to make purchases using cash in French, and you can even use the euro or U.S. dollar notes in many places.

How to Say Money in French

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