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How to Say More in Portuguese

Learn more in Portuguese with our easy tips! You’ll soon find yourself wishing you could say more in Portuguese! Portuguese has many terms for endearment, including namorado (which is roughly equivalent to the English word “enamoured”).

When you speak with native speakers, you’ll notice that there are major differences between the Portuguese varieties. In European Portuguese, the word “you” means innocent while in Brazilian Portuguese, it’s the equivalent of a female prostitute. This list isn’t exhaustive, but it’s enough to help you understand how to say “more” in Portuguese. And it doesn’t hurt to practice a bit! Just remember to keep your pronunciation consistent by following the tips below.

The easiest way to learn the language is to start young. Young adults are more likely to benefit from formal lessons and more social opportunities, which can help them develop stronger Portuguese skills than older learners. Teenagers also have more time to devote to serious language study. And they don’t have to deal with bills and rent, or worry about childcare. A teenager’s priorities are often different than an adult’s, which can make learning a language much easier.

In Spanish, the letter y was used, but it’s not as common in Portuguese. This letter is found in etymological loans and is the same as the Spanish -n in the wordfinal position. However, it’s possible to use the -m in Portuguese if you already know that Portuguese has a’simple lemna’. The Portuguese word for melon is melao, while the English equivalent is meloes.

How to Say More in Portuguese

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