How to Say No in Spanish

How to Say No in Spanish

There are two main ways to say no in Spanish.

The first one is to say “no lo sabe,” or “we do not understand.”

It also has a more intense meaning than “never.”

Spanish does not have a separate word for the word “no,” so the verb must be used with a negative word to convey a negative message.

Alternatively, you can use “ya basta” to tell the other person to slow down.

Another way to say no in Spanish is to use an imperativo negativo.

This is equivalent to an astounded “nooo.”

It conveys the opposite message, and is most commonly used to deny an offer.

‘No,’ however, should not be used as a standard answer.

Rather, it’s used as a last resort if the other person refuses to give in.

If you don’t understand a Spanish speaker, you can also ask them to repeat themselves.

You can also ask them to repeat themselves, and don’t be afraid to admit when you don’t understand something.

By using these seven phrases correctly, you will be able to communicate effectively with native Spanish speakers and avoid embarrassing situations.

Once you know how to say “no,” you can use them as a shortcut to expressing your inability to understand.

How to Say No in Spanish

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