How to Say One in Latin

Unlike English, the Latin word uno is indeclinable and behaves like an adjective.

In Latin, uno, duo, tres, and mille behave differently.

These irregular endings are in accordance with the gender and grammatical case of the associated noun.

This article explains how to say one in Latin.

The first word in the word list is laboro, which means work or preparation.

The other words for one in Latin include furtum and fusus.

These are both synonyms of “labor,” but they also have different meanings in Latin.

The word “laboro” also means “form.”

The word fusus has other uses, such as a maxim.

When combining the two Latin cardinals, the larger ones, the centum, are formed.

They are derived by adding a number (decim, viginti) to the first word, unus.

Hence, these two Latin words are both additive and subtractive.

However, the English word one attaches to smaller numbers, ten, and thirteen, is a compound of the two.

Its composition is similar to that of English.

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