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So in French is a common phrasing used to start a sentence. Like so in English, so in French has a grammatical structure that suggests a light follow-up. If you want to express the same meaning in French, you should use the adverb froid, which means “naturally.”

Non means “no” and is one of the first French words that English speakers learn. Learn to use non in different situations. Here are some ways to say “non” in French. Non can sound harsh, so try adding a warm tone. Also, “never” can mean “never.”

English speakers usually put prepositions at the end of a sentence. However, in French, the prepositions are grouped together with an interrogative expression. For example, “que fais-tu?” (what are you doing) and “de quoi penses-tu?” (“what are you thinking”) are both examples of such phrases. While English speakers tend to put their prepositions at the end of a sentence, in French they must group them with an interrogative expression.

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