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How to Say Thank You in Polish

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to say thank you in Polish, there are a couple of things you need to know. The standard phrase is “dziekuje,” while the informal word is “dzieki.” Other variations include “bardzo dziekuje” and “prosze,” which means “you’re welcome.”

The word for thank you in Polish is “dziekuje” or “dzieki”. Both are equivalent and are acceptable in informal situations. “Dziekuje” is an extremely popular phrase in Poland, but it’s important to note that it is not as formal as the word for “thank you.”

Another way to say “thank you” in Polish is with the word dziekuje, which means “thank you.” It’s a great word to use with family members, friends, or colleagues. When used by strangers, dziekuje can be tacky. Instead, try bardzo when saying “thank you”.

If you’d like to thank someone, you can use the standard word “dzi*kuj*.” The informal version is dzi*ki, while the formal word is dzi*kuj*. Another option is “czesi,” which means ‘good night’, or ‘dobry wieczor’ (dobry vye-chur). The latter option is used to express your gratitude.

Learning a new language will boost your intelligence and help you fight brain-aging. Furthermore, communicating in a foreign language will help you make friends and win respect. Your Polish friends will be impressed by your knowledge of the language. And the good news is that you can practice saying ‘thank you’ in Polish with a free audio lesson on PolishPod101. So, how can you learn to say ‘thank you’ in Polish?

How to Say Thank You in Polish

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