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How to Say Thank You in Tagalog

Learning how to say thank you in Tagalog can make you feel more appreciated by Filipinos. Filipinos are known for their kindness and hospitality, so even a simple compliment can brighten their day. While using salamat, “thank you,” or “Maraming salamat” is an appropriate way to say thank you in casual encounters, adding the suffix “po” changes the tone. Adding po is reserved for strangers, higher authority figures, and older people.

Filipinos greet each other with “Salamat po” – “thank you,” or sometimes just “araw.” Depending on the context, “maganda” can mean beautiful or good. “Araw” is also a synonym for “day.” If you want to show your appreciation for someone’s kindness, you can say “maraming salamat.” Regardless of the occasion, Filipinos are known for their soft hearts, and the use of the phrase will surely make your recipient feel appreciated.

Even though the Philippines is a country that speaks both Tagalog and English, knowing how to say thank you in Tagalog can endear you to Filipinos, while making them feel welcome and positive. “Kumusta” doesn’t mean “hello” in English, but actually means a question similar to “How are you?” It’s not meant to be sincere, but it’s still a great way to say “thank you” in a formal or informal context.

Gratitude is a universal human characteristic. Most cultures express gratitude, and according to the dictionary, it refers to a readiness to show appreciation and repay kindness. Giving thanks shows respect for another culture and preserves relationships. You can learn to say “thank you” in Filipino with the help of a video course by visiting the FilipinoPod101 website. Its lessons include tips on how to say “thank you” in formal and informal situations.

How to Say Thank You in Tagalog

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