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How to Say Thank You Very Much in Korean

If you wish to say “thank you very much” in Korean, you should start by memorizing the suffix ‘ga-sa-ham-ni-da’, which means “gram.” Then, follow this word with the phrase ‘anieyo.’ It is important to use the proper voice for the ‘o’ in anieyo, or “thank you.”

There are two different versions of the phrase, one for formal situations and one for informal ones. In most cases, you will use the formal version (daedanhi) whenever you’re saying thank you to a person you don’t know very well. However, if you’re saying thank you to an older person or someone you’re close with, you can use the informal version (jinjja gomaweo).

‘Geoseom’ means ‘thank you.’ In Korean, “thank you” is an informal way to say “thank you” to someone you don’t know. In this sense, you can use thank you very much anywhere, from your email to your phone calls. It can be a very formal way to say thank you. It also ends with an exclamation. You can even add the phrase ‘do’ if you want to say ‘thank you!’

How to Say Thank You Very Much in Korean

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