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How to Understand in Spanish

If you want to understand in Spanish, you have many options. You can use a Spanish dictionary to find the word you’re looking for. A great app to begin your Spanish lessons is Rosetta Stone. Once you’ve learned the basics of Spanish grammar, you can begin learning more sophisticated verbs. There are also many other ways to express the same concept in Spanish, including the use of a translator. Here are a few of my favorites.

“No lo sabe” means, “I don’t know.” This is a phrase that can be used in informal conversation, as well as in formal situations. Neither form uses the pronoun sab, so it’s up to you to decide which word to use. However, you can also use otra vez to indicate that you don’t understand. Using both phrases effectively will improve your conversational Spanish.

If you’re not able to understand what you’re being told, try to repeat it to yourself or someone else. You can also ask for clarification. By repeating the message, you will be more likely to remember it the next time. In other words, make as many mistakes as you can so that you can get the hang of the language. Remember that mistakes are inevitable, and you should never be afraid to admit your shortcomings. If you’re not sure of your Spanish language skills, don’t feel bad about your mistakes. If you don’t speak Spanish as a native speaker, use the resources above to help you learn how to communicate in Spanish.

How to Understand in Spanish

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