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How to Wish Someone a Happy Birthday in Norwegian

If you’ve been wondering how to wish someone a happy birthday in Norwegian, here’s a quick guide. The Norwegian word for birthday is “birthdag.”

If you’re planning a Norwegian-themed birthday party, consider throwing a celebration in the culture of your guest of honor. Norwegians have a special celebration for birthdays, and celebrating a birthday in the style of your host is sure to impress your guests! Norwegians are also very fond of cake, and the Norwegian version of this traditional cake is called “marzipan.”

Greeting someone in Norwegian is a good way to make your guests feel welcome. The word feels natural, so don’t be apprehensive about introducing yourself. You can also practice some friendly phrases with strangers to make yourself more confident. Try to say “happy birthday” in Norwegian to people you don’t know. Practice making small talk to people in your life, and you’ll soon be speaking Norwegian like a pro!

How to Wish Someone a Happy Birthday in Norwegian

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