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I Love You in Korean

Do you want to learn how to say ‘I love you’ in Korean? You’ve come to the right place! Korean women are polite and give their boyfriends or husbands chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Unlike their Western counterparts, Korean women will confess their feelings without sounding rude. Here are a few tips on how to say ‘I love you’ in Korean.

First, try to call your loved one by name. Many Koreans will call their loved ones by their first names. The older generation will use “obba – oppa” or “nuna – nuna.” In the case of the younger generation, the words for love are “yeobo – yeobo” or “jagiya – jagiya.”

In Korean, you can also say ‘I love you’ by addressing your beloved as oppa. However, don’t use this word if you’re not sure of the meaning of the word. You might be accused of flirting or sounding childish. You can also call your boyfriend as oppa to make him feel special. But whatever you do, don’t make this mistake.

As with any other language, love isn’t bound by distance or nationality. Koreans are romantic and often drop the ‘L-Bomb’ after two or three dates. They are also fond of sensual food, romantic K-Dramas, and blind dates! Lastly, Koreans are also very respectful and sincere when it comes to breaking up. They will text you after their dates, and you can even send them an email or a video message.

I Love You in Korean

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