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Italian Sayings and Proverbs

When in doubt, Italians say ‘just ask!’ This saying is derived from a story by Suetonius and refers to Vespasiano, the Roman Emperor. The character in the saying is known for his bad temper and a need to achieve goals. The fox is a very stubborn character, but it is possible to change. Carlo, for example, never changes, even if he loses his hair and tail. He dies hard due to his old habits.

This Italian proverb means that nothing is achieved without hard work. It’s often used to describe a fisherman who needs to be attentive all the time in order to catch it when it eats the bait. It also warns against being lazy and wasting time on unproductive activities. In other words, if you’re lazy, you’ll have little chance of success. While this saying may not be very exciting, it’s very true.

Another Italian saying encourages people to live their lives to the fullest. Despite the difficult circumstances we may face, we can choose the best way to live our lives. One Italian proverb relates to romantic love and describes it in several ways. The English translation of the saying states that true friendship is a precious treasure. You need to hold on to your friends as tightly as you can, as you never know when they may turn out to be the most valuable treasure in your life.

Another Italian saying is: “non fare di un mosca รจ il figlio” (when the cat is not there) and means that no one is too lazy. Similarly, “non fare di un gatto” (when the dog sleeps) means “don’t count the chickens before they’ve hatched. This saying reflects the influence of the Catholic religion in Italian culture.

Italian Sayings and Proverbs

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