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Learn to Say Hi in Irish

Learn to say hi in Irish with these easy to remember phrases. “Dia dhuit” means “God be with you” and translates into English as “hello.” It is pronounced just like the Italian ciao, but is much more difficult to pronounce. Dia dhuit also means “thank you.”

The first phrase to learn to say hi in Irish is “mo” or “good.” It can be easily pronounced as “mo” or “mo-nee-dah-bh” and is similar to “what’s up?” in English. If you’re looking for more examples of greetings in Irish, here are some that can help you get started:

“Craic” means “fun”. It is pronounced crack-like and is directly translated from the Irish language. It is a phrase used to ask how something is going and if you’re having fun. It is also commonly used to conclude sentences. The word “like” is also used as accentuation. You can learn more about how to say “hi” in Irish by checking out some of the lessons below!

Another greeting in Irish is “dia dhuit.” This is pronounced dee-ah-Gwit. It is the standard greeting used by people in the Irish culture and is a good way to greet someone. While the word is pronounced “dee-ah-gwit,” it also can mean “God be with you.”

Learn to Say Hi in Irish

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