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Learning the Slang in Spain

For those who want to travel to Spain, learning the slang in Spain is an excellent way to practice your language skills and avoid misunderstandings. Spanish has a variety of colloquialisms that can be confusing to foreigners. It is wise to learn these expressions along with the standard language. Here are some common Spanish slang words and expressions. The first one is vale, which means “of accord.” It is a common alternative to pues and means “with agreement.” Another common expression is guay, which is a way to say something is cool or “cool.” This word is often used with other adverbs as well.

Another word you should learn is mola, which means cool. It is used in a number of different situations and is often accompanied by some type of offensive imagery. This slang word is derived from the English word “freak,” but has acquired a second meaning in Spanish. Among other uses, it can refer to a person who is very computer savvy or plays video games. If you know how to use mola, you’ll be a pro in no time.

Another Spanish slang word is colega, which means “hello.” This Spanish word can be used to refer to your co-worker. You may see this phrase used to greet people. While it is common to call co-workers “honorable,” it also has a special meaning. The word can mean “uncle” or “honorary aunt” in other Spanish speaking countries. It is also used to compliment a soccer player.

Learning the Slang in Spain

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