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The following article introduces some Spanish medical terminology you may need to know. You will be able to better communicate with your patients by learning more about the various medical terms and their English translations. The chart also lists some of the most common medical emergencies and their Spanish translations. If you haven’t already learned them, you can download the PDF file and print it out for future reference. If you have the opportunity, you should learn all the terms.

The course is divided into three modules that cover topics related to the language and the Spanish medical field. The first module focuses on linguistics and pronunciation, as well as learning to understand Spanish-speaking patients. The second module introduces medical terminology used in the medical office, while the third covers vocabulary used during examinations. Both courses offer 12 to 14.4 hours of nursing continuing education credit, and the course includes a printable workbook. You can take one or both modules depending on your availability.

ed2go essential language program is an excellent choice for those who are looking to brush up on their medical vocabulary. This course is a self-paced program that doesn’t require prior knowledge of Spanish. It covers all the essential medical vocabulary and includes special phrases for dealing with children, adults, and the elderly. You can complete the program in six weeks. There are also programs for pediatricians, geriatrics, and family medicine.

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