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Thank You in Chinese

If you are learning Chinese, then you’ve probably come across the phrase, “thank you” in Chinese. This phrase is quite similar to the way we say “thank you” in English, with two major differences. The first is that the Chinese pronunciation for this word is pronounced with a “sh” sound, while the second one is pronounced with a neutral tone, also known as the “5th tone.” For the best pronunciation, try Mandarin HQ’s Chinese Pronunciation Gym.

Xinku le means “you’ve worked hard,” and it is used by workers and managers. Parents use the Chinese phrase when their children do chores and other things around the home. Using this phrase is a way of showing your appreciation for these things and to show your gratitude. It is also common to use this phrase when thanking someone for a favor. In this case, you can also say “you’re welcome” and add an appropriate gesture to say “thank you.”

Aside from being common in many cultures, saying thank you in Chinese is also important for personal relationships. People need to express their appreciation and be kind to others. This is a good way to maintain relationships and respect culture. While you’re learning the Chinese language, remember that words have a great deal of power. For this reason, ChineseClass101 has the perfect translations and pronunciations to help you learn the language in a natural way.

Thank You in Chinese

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