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Politics - Kissinger: Vietnam failures `we did to ourselves'

Discussion in 'discuss' started by NewsBot, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. NewsBot

    NewsBot guest

    By ROBERT BURNS 2010-09-29T20:41:32ZWASHINGTON (AP) -- Henry Kissinger, who helped steer Vietnam policy during the war's darkest years, said Wednesday he is convinced that "most of what went wrong in Vietnam we did to ourselves" - beginning with underestimating the tenacity of North Vietnamese leaders....

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  2. Bright Quang

    Bright Quang guest

    The erudition of Kissinger is limited, but the barbarous ambition of Kissinger is limitless.
    Bright Quang, he, is the petitioner that was Prisoner of War of the Vietnam War when he was former Lieutenant Police of Republic of Vietnam. The petitioner was imprisoned by Foreign Assistance Act of the America. Because the United States of America has cut and run out of Republic of Vietnam on April 30, 1975 since the Paris Peace Accords was torn by Secretary of state Henry Kissinger. That's reason, the American government has left him on the battlefield of the Vietnam War; and therefore, the Vietnamese communist regime has sent him to jail in Vietnam and robbed his property. In the meanwhile, the petitioner was imprisoning for from April 30,1975 to July 5, 1981 by Socialist Republic of Vietnam. When the petitioner was thoroughly overseeing for the long run, the petitioner, his wife, and his children were homeless because his actual property was nationalized by Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

    Until, the statutory that's Ben Campbell, S.484 (1) to be Public law 106 - 484 Bring Them Home Alive Act 2000, November 9, 2000, but the petitioner has come to the United States of America in November 23, 1993.

    When the petitioner and his family had come to the America, the petitioner was not compensated the imprisoned benefit insurance of the Vietnam War by the Statutory of the United States of America. Notwithstanding, the petitioner did not only maltreat the serviced war but also was defamed, libeled, and slandered (2) See California Civil Code §§ 44, 45a and 46., and California Civil Jury Instructions (CACI) for mental case by Mrs. Barbara Schmidt and Mrs. Jackie because they have sat on the United States Constitution and statutory. When petitioner didn't violate crime, traffic laws, and terrorist, his intellectual property was entirely destroyed by them.

    As a result, his books were not best sold. Even though, the petitioner has been advertising for the online media, but no one buys for his books. For example, the petitioner did not dare relate with his neighbors when he worried about them call to the police. So, they'd come to kill him. Obviously, the petitioner did not dare exhibit his pieces of artwork in the nationwide and the world because he worried booking airplane ticket. So the police seemed to realizing him have mental case problem, they easily killed him

    In fact, the petitioner would provide: see 17 U.S.C. Section 106A (3)

    because intellectual property of Mr. Bright was contained by special famous images. But they've put a label of mental condition on petitioner's head in order to destroy to the life of the petitioner.

    Fact of the American justice has quotes, Distort justice is national

    traitor. Let the petitioner provide the perfectness of the United States Constitution and statutory if whoever has performed justice, which is peaceful, but anti - justice as demagogy.

    The petitioner provides: see First Amendment to the Constitution (4), in which has allowing petitioner who petitions to the American government. in order to enforce justice because in where is injustice there'd struggles for the justice. Because the young life of petitioner was servicing for the America War, his oldest is to be modern slave war.

    For the America statutory has displaying for compensation of prisoner of war, but, the American government didn't perform it. see 50 USC 4105-July 3,1948 (5).

    This discussion of war victim of the American alliance talks about to the statutes and the statutory of the American government, in which did not only betray partnership's petitioner but also point out to a played game of the American government because the government of the United States of America has been fooling for the petitioner within the forty - two years ago. The petitioner is provided by backward Vietnamese officer: see H.R 5490 (6)when he didn't violate criminal laws and terrorize to the American people and the America which is why the American justice, government have been fooling for the petitioner. When he's the same as Native Americans, but, he is not wild animal. To allow Public Law 88-205, 88th Congress, H.R. 7885 (7), Approved Dec. 16, 1963, this American Act must be assistance of military, finance and weapon - or the so-called is included by military supplies, raw material and equipment for Republic of Vietnam. let's fight anti - communism. To provide statutory: see 22 U.S.C 2151, 1963 (8), which is directly involved to the petitioner's case, but, the low Courts, the American government have been swallowing his benefit of war from 1973 to the present in themselves as talks by book. Says the petitioner's argument's, " The great hope of America society is individual character individual character. Therefore, life of petitioner is not to be a brick, which lies under dirt mud. Instead, the petitioner sees his life as a brick, which supports the building of the American Justice and democracy without animosity."

    This American statutory has pledged that the America military must be won the communist foe, and then, the American troop will be returned homeland of the United States of America. When section 407 of 22 U.S.C § 2151, it gives an order No department, agency, officer, or employee of the United States shall, under authority of this act. The petitioner would like to provide: see 9. CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIONS—42 U.S.C.§1983 (9) which the First Amendment has allowing Mr. Bright who petitions to the government in order to get the compensations. Because Mr. Henry Kissinger did not perform the statutory of the American government of Foreign Assistance Acts of the Vietnam War, he did not only sit on the United States Constitution but also destroy the Paris Peace Accords in Jan17, 1973- TIAS 7542 (24 UST 4-23 (10)., and Mrs. Barbara Schmidt and Mrs. Jackie Chahal that they are public employees officers 8. of Department of Motor Vehicles in California state. When they are assaulted and dishonored Mr. Bright Quang, they discriminated race in skin color. Mr. bright Quang, has been enduring suffering, hurts, unhappiness of mind, body, and brain for the all time when Mr. Kissinger, Mrs. Barbara Schmidt and 12. Mrs. Jackie Chahal when they have been public employees, but they have violated to : see 42 U.S.C § 1983 section 9.3(11); therefore, the petitioner focuses on this statutory to petition them - when the American government is as defendant. They are the Kissinger, the Barbara, and the Jackie when they are public employees. The petitioner provides: see 9.11 Particular Rights—First Amendment—6."Citizen" Plaintiff - 42 U.S.C. § 1983 -(12) because the petitioner alleges the Secretary of state Henry A. Kissinger, the Kissinger was abused one's power by War Power of the America, and Mrs. Barbara, and Mrs. Jackie are belongs to Department of Motor Vehicles in Redwood City, California. The Kissinger did not perform all of the America statutory and statutes of Foreign Assistance Acts of the Vietnam War since a Lieutenant Police Republic of Vietnam is Mr. Bright Quang that's from April 30, 1975 to November 23,1993 including oversees.- and Mrs. Barbara Schmidt and Mrs. Jackie Chahal were abused one's power because they did not only put a mental condition and lack of knowledge and skills but also order him request a writ of mandate of the Court's from 2009 to 2012. In the meanwhile, the petitioner didn't violate any traffic laws.

    The petitioner provides: see Cal code 14103 (13), in which was sending for them by 39 U.S. Code: title POSTAL SERVICE (14), if no one receives his document, so postal service must return to him. But, the petitioner didn't not accept any package returned. In provide: see Evaluation result - B 5.4547245 driver license in 12/10/2009, when the petitioner was passed the driver test by the D.M.V. office who gave Number of errors having "DQ" without passing or unsatisfactory, the petitioner was not return driver license car because their discrimination is put on the life's petitioner.

    Therefore, it has quotes, "Law of the United States of America is great business, but the ethical conscience of the American justice seems nothing."- which is why the petitioner did not violate crime and terrorist, but they discriminated, defamed, libeled, slandered, and requested him go to the Court's asking for writ of mandate when they did not give him seek any jobs. As well as discrimination of the Kissinger, he has thought about to yellow skin color of Vietnamese is backward, he was fooled the petitioner by the Paris Peace Accord when he is Native American.

    To provide: see CA Vehicle Code§13953 (15), Mrs. Barbara and Mrs. Jackie have sitting on California Constitution and statutes because they did not only perform California laws but also discriminate to a weak man when the petitioner did not violate any traffic laws of the state of California. Because the Department of Motor Vehicles of California did not record any mental ill and violating traffic laws of the petitioner, they did not respect any Civil Rights of the California people.

    In fact, to provide: see Cal Code 8.14105 (16), when the petitioner did not have any mental condition and violate traffic laws and no criminal violations which is why they have pushed the petitioner to criminal violated and traffic laws - and therefore," Perform justice is peaceful, but anti justice as demagogy." Because the petitioner was been trained for protecting Constitution and respecting statutes, statutory by Supreme Court Country of San Mateo, he is become to be best of American citizen without have any crimes.

    Ironically, the petitioner was oppressed his life and his spirit and body by the United States Constitution and California state Constitution. Pursuant to the provisions of the defamation, libel, and slander, the petitioner provides: see CACI Nos. 3940—3949 (17) because Mrs. Barbara and Mrs. Jackie have defamed, libeled, and slandered their authority has been destroying for the petitioner that he is suffering for all time of his life. When the American people have dreams, the petitioner does have it. Pursuant to statutory provides: see 28 U.S. Code § 4101-(18) Aug.10,2010, the petitioner have condemnation them because their ethical conscience of them was barbarous ruining for the life of petitioner.

    The petitioner provides: see 18 U.S. Code § 112 (19) - June 25, 1948 that's statutory has protected for the foreign officer as like Mr. Bright Quang. Because the petitioner did not only have ally of the American government but also agree together partnership each other by the International Treaty which is why the Kissinger has betrayed his ally as the petitioner was imprisoned, lost real property sold Republic of Vietnam to communism.

    To provide: see 22 U.S.C §§ 1571– 1604 Dec. 23,1950 (20)because this statutory could not be brainwashed any Vietnamese leaderships - and therefore, the American government has been performed it for the long run. Since, the American government has enacted this: see 1 U.S. C § 112 (21) July 1947 that's the United States Congress has been enacted statutory. It has respected and approved admissibility in evidence of the sovereignty of Republic of Vietnam when the petitioner was official of Republic of Vietnam. The petitioner provides: see 42 U.S.C.1981 (22)- Civil Right Act of 1991 when the sovereignty of the petitioner was seized by the Kissinger, he came to the America, used Civil Rights Act in order to protect for his Vietnamese American citizen because under the American law is equal rights, no one sits on constitutionals which is why former President Kennedy(23), Mr. Kissinger, Mrs. Barbara and Mrs. Jackie that they have sat on the America Constitution, but no one prosecuted them. The petitioner did not have any mental condition and lack of knowledge which were Physical and Mental Evaluation Guidelines to be good - however, Department of Motor Vehicles has evaluated to the petitioner that he is in good physical shape. But, Mrs. Barbara and Mrs. Jackie have put a label of mental condition and lack of knowledge on a head of petitioner. Why did President Kennedy give order to murder President Ngo Dinh Diem - in the meanwhile, the United States Congress has approved and respected to self-determination sovereignty of Republic of Vietnam? The petitioner provides: 1 US Code 112a. Sep. 23.1950,(24) in which American government did not only respect all of the United States agreements but also perform other the International treaties of admissibility in evidences which is why they were torn them. Pursuant to 9.Cvil Rights Actions - 42 U.S.C § 1983 - sections 9.20 Particular Rights- Fourth Amendment (25) the Petitioner has been burdening for so much of suffering, mind, spirit and body - and for example, when the American children are freely going to many schools, the American women are happy, and the American police are patriotic, but, the children, the wife of the petitioner were lived homeless by the Kissinger, the lack of Vietnamese justice, freedom, democracy, and patriot of the real property of the petitioner is all destroyed by the Kissinger, by the high American leaders, by the American public employees because the Paris Peace Accords wasn't approved by the America Congress. The petitioner provides: see 9.Cvil Rights Actions -42 U.S.C § 1983, sections 9.21 Particular Rights-Fourth Amendment (26). The petitioner didn't only discriminate the patriotic ideology and enrichment but also use for modern slavery war of the Americanism by Mr. Henry Kissinger; and after the petitioner was sold out of to communism by the Paris Peace Accords of the Kissinger in January 27, 1973.

    The race discrimination of Mr. Kissinger was not determined by the American Constitution. Otherwise, the American people are invested by high- technology, economics, and sciences' going to Mars and Venus, so the petitioner was imprisoned and defamed by the Kissinger, Mrs. Barbara, and Mrs. Jackie.

    As a result, the petitioner is an innocent, but he'd greatly pay high cost to the court. When the petitioner did not seek any jobs, he must need help for his family, but the petitioner was jobless by their discrimination. Obviously, their laws are great business, but their ethical conscience seems nothing. In the meanwhile, the petitioner did not only obey his family doctors, but also respect the America Constitution and statutory. After playing a joyful game's for five years, they were self repaid driver licensed car by themselves. When the doctors allowed him drive car. They because did not find out to all ill of him., However, Mrs. Barbara and Mrs. Jackie, one side they told him meet family doctors, other sides they have ordered him retake driving tests. When the petitioner was passed all tests by DMV, he was prohibited driver car by their authority.

    The petitioner provides: see 28 U.S. Code § 1346 (27) June 25,1948 - United States as defendant because the American government didn't train them to be good public employees. Their negligence seemed destroying for super values of American Justice - and therefore, the United States of America as defendant. To provide: see 28 U.S. C § 2674(28) - Liability of U.S.A - pursuant to 28 U.S.C § 2676 (29)- Judgment as bar. Even if, all of the public employees of the American government did not distort the truth of the United States Constitution and statutory, they are perfect, so the petitioner shall not petition to the American government. As luck wouldn't have it, they did not only perform the American justice exactly but also discriminate race and defame the weak man as like the petitioner.

    Let him provide: see 28 USC.(30)section 1346(b) that's statutory has clearly defined to injuries, sufferings of spirit, of human body, physical miserable and really lost property by Mr. Kissinger, Mrs. Barbara, and Mrs. Jackie. Pursuant to 28 USC § 2678 (31) June 25, 1948 that's statutory has orders about the attorney fees, but no attorney bars or companies who could help for him when the petitioner has been looking for them and contracting with them, but, nothing attorneys help. Perhaps, the Vietnam War has taken place within inhuman let's seize modern slavery war.

    The petitioner provides: see 22 U.S. Code § 2151(32) section 406,December 16, 1963, that's statutory has been the aids for Republic of Vietnam that had received the America's fiscal for each year and the necessary sums from Central government to Local government of the Republic of Vietnam. Obviously, 22 U.S.C. § 2151 (33) section 407, the United States Congress has surely confirmed to prohibit to no one of the American leader and American department shall have tort of negligence for this statutory. see18 U.S. Code § 287 (35)- False, fictitious or fraudulent claims, pursuant to this statutory that Mr. Kissinger, Mrs. Barbara, and Mrs. Jackie because of the Paris Peace Accords has surely confirmed by President Nixon, he declared and said, " No one will leave behind the Paris Peace Accords." No Peace, No Honor: Nixon, Kissinger, and Betrayal in 7.Vietnam (36)by Larry Berman-The Washington Post- Free Press 334.pp Friday, July 27,2001- Mrs. Barbara and Mrs. Jackie have defamed, libeled and slandered the petitioner when they were liar, because the petitioner did not have any mental condition and lack of knowledge. To provide: see 42 U.S.C 2000e section 701 (37) because the petitioner was serviced war by the. American government.
    As a result, the petitioner was lost in all by this International treaty, but The Kissinger has been declared for two times and said, " Vietnam failures we did to ourselves" and "mistakes were made by America in Vietnam war, but said he had no regrets about his actions "(38). To provide: see 42 U.S. Code § 2000d (39)(Pub. L. 88–352, title VI, § 601, July 2, 7.1964, 78 Stat. 252.) which is why the Kissinger didn't support the petitioner that he must apply to receive the benefits of prisoner of war when he was come to the USA by statute's Bring 8. them Home Alive Act 2000, Nov. 9, 2000. to provide: see 1 USC 112b(40) P.L 92-403 Approved Aug 22,1972 which is why the Kissinger could not transmit the Paris Peace Accords to the United States Congress that should be approved this because Mr. Kissinger was big wrong false.

    The petitioner provides: see 1 U.S. Code § 113 -(41) “Little and Brown’s” if the Kissinger was good of Secretary of States, he should follow with this statutory, but he was negligent. As erudition of the Kissinger is limited, but his barbarous ambition is unlimited. Because President Kennedy has ordered to murder to President Ngo Dinh Diem who was president Republic of Vietnam- and therefore, the Archivist of the United States has recording JFK tapes (11-25-98) (42) by Boston (November 24- The Kennedy 8. Library has released 37 hours of tape recordings) . If President Kennedy 9. did not murder President Ngo Dinh Diem, the Kennedy did not betray 10. Republic of Vietnam. So, the Kissinger could not be sold the petitioner to communism, but the Kissinger was national traitor. Pursuant to 18 USC § 2381 (43) June25,1948 which is why the Kissinger was treason when the petitioner was allegiance with the United States of America. To provide: see 18 USC § 2382 - June 25, 1948,(44) according to this statutory that the petitioner must do not only take legal action them but also protect the United States Constitution and statutory because they have sat on the constitutionals. The petitioner provides: see 22 U.S.C§ 2151 n (45) which is why the Kissinger has trampled the wife and the children of the petitioner down to the mud when they did not violate crime to the America. In the meanwhile, the American women and children are freely going to schools, but the wife and the children of the petitioner were homeless. Pursuant to 37 U.S.C§ 552 10.(46)- obviously for the petitioner was servicing war for the America and leaving him on the battlefield. Let's enemy revenge's imprisoned after twenty years have gone, the American government brought him return his mother country of American, but did not pay any benefits to him, his wife and children because he was imprisoned by the Kissinger. To provide: 5. U.S. Code § 5561(47)., Sept. 6, 1966, the petitioner was admitted by the Statutory of the United States; and therefore, his conditions of benefits are earned by the Statutes. Pursuant to: see 38 U.S. Code § 1311.(48) Sep. 1958. Dependency and indemnity compensation to a surviving spouse because his wife and his children are belongs to the duty and the responsibility of the petitioner.

    The petitioner provides: see 38 U.S.C. § 101 -(49) according to this statutory that the conditions of veterans of the America army because of H.R 7885 that's approved the petitioner's to be America veterans, by the United States statutory which is why the at least, healthcare and benefits should offer to the petitioner because his young life was servicing for the core of interests of the America. To provide: see S2040 and H.R . 3815(50) (114th): Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, which is why the Kissinger has sponsored for the Vietnamese communist regime that's overthrown to Republic of Vietnam by the Kissinger. The statute provides: see H.R.356: Jan. 6,2017 (51) in which has surely been fighting against foreign interferes to our America which is why the Kissinger has been interfered Republic of Vietnam for more than twenty years. He did not only destroy the life of the petitioner but also prohibit his family's building dreams. Experience of Mr. Kissinger didn't understand about "the barbarous enemy of mankind is invaded wars." Pursuant to see 37 U.S. Code § 551(52) Sep. 1966 - because the petitioner was missing action for the War Power- therefore, the petitioner should be earned an adequate amount of veterans. To following with this statutory has confirmed the payment for the wife and the children of the petitioner clearly. see 37 U.S. Code § 559 -(53) Benefits for members held as captives. This is clearly to the petitioner because he was imprisoned of the war by Mr. Kissinger.

    The petitioner provides: see 22 U.S. Code § 2451-(54) Sep.21, 1961 that's performance of both partnerships is between the United States of America and Republic of Vietnam that we were friendships. We exchanged about education and culture without murders, imprisons, and sells national for each other of sovereignty. To provide: see 22 U.S. Code § 7103a (55) That's the partnerships of the American government and foreign governments should achieve to the peace and negotiation information each other, but not betray partnerships and significant human traffickers. However, the human trafficker of Mr. Kissinger has taken place in the Vietnam War, he has sold the petitioner to our the communist foe without regrets. To provide: 22 U.S. C. § 2778 (56) - Sept.1979 that's the American President shall not be authorized killing foreign leaders and imprisoning to foreign officers. Unless, the foreign officers terrorized and betrayed the America. The petitioner provides: see 22 U.S. Code § 7111 (57)- Report by Secretary of State what did the Kissinger do in this statutory? The Court should be reconsidered to the Paris Peace Accords in 1973 or((Text from TIAS 7542 (24 UST 4-23) because this agreement was to be International Treaty of our nation, but Mr. Kissinger has used the petitioner for his human trafficking policy. Pursuant to: see18 U.S. Code § 2340A (58) which is why9. the Kissinger has sponsored for communism, which tortured the petitioner because the petitioner looks like Native Americans who know sex, happiness, enrichment and science. In the other hand, the tortures of communism was beaten on the petitioner's head by AK.47 gun. Therefore, his left ear was deaf in injuries - he does need a Vietnamese translator.
    Therefore, the petitioner would like to need this statutory, which is 28 USC 2. § 1827 (59)- Oct. 28, 1978, since, the petitioner is poor spoken and listened by the English language because the Kissinger has sponsored for communism's beaten him. The petitioner provides: see 44USC. 3507- May 22, 1995 (60) that provides to the barbarian of the Kissinger because he has exchanged the Vietnam War to be modern slavery war. The war's time of the petitioner did not only compensate any pennies but also no counts any seniority of serviced war. Pursuant to 5 U.S.C § 5379(61). Nov. 5.1990 because the real property of petitioner was serviced for core of interests of the Kissinger, he has loaned $12,250.00, the petitioner must repay with high cost which is why the Kissinger protected core of interests of the America when his real property, his family and his body had robbed by the Kissinger.
    The petitioner provides: 50 U.S.C. § 4101 (62) War and National 4101. Foreign Claims Settlement Commission of the United Defense § States - but, the American government could not act upon this statutory.

    To provide: see 22 U.S.C §§ 1621. March10, 1950 (63), which allows the petitioner petitions compensation benefits of the War Power because the America and Republic of Vietnam were partnerships each other. Pursuant to: see 22 U.S. Code § 1622g (64), in which are partnerships of the United States of America and Republic of Vietnam that we are independence each other.

    In conclusion, for the foregoing reasons, the petitioner respectfully requests that the Court gives and orders for granting the compensation benefits for suitable with the United States Constitution and Statutory because distort justice is national traitor or Justice is long lasting, but power has a short life.


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