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Vietnamese Greetings

You may want to learn how to say Vietnamese greetings when you’re in a conversation. The language is tonal, so different phrases can mean different things. Listen to native speakers or watch instructional videos to learn how to say these greetings correctly. Practice making a greeting before using it in a conversation. Here are some phrases that are common in Vietnamese. Let’s learn more about them! The Vietnamese language is a difficult one to learn, but don’t worry: here’s a quick guide to get you started.

Firstly, remember to use the correct pronouns to greet your Vietnamese friend. While you can use a pronoun such as ‘chao’ or ‘xin’ to greet a young person, Vietnamese people use the more formal ‘chao’ to greet an elder person. In addition, you can say ‘anh’ for an elder male. You can also use ‘chao’ to greet a senior person.

Unlike Thais, Vietnamese people do not use the traditional wai greeting. This means that you don’t have to bow low to greet someone. If you want to show respect, bow down and shake hands with them. However, don’t bow down too low when greeting an elder. You can also use the wave to greet a friend. However, this gesture is considered inappropriate. The Vietnamese will never kiss you in public if you don’t know how to greet a senior properly.

As far as addressing a male, “ahn” is a polite way to say “you.” However, if you’re speaking to a female, you can use the term “chi”. It’s more common to use a male than female. However, it doesn’t have to be reserved for males. And if you’re talking to a person of a certain age, you can use a female version.

Vietnamese Greetings

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