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You may have seen signs in French that say ‘an’ or ‘annee’, but do you know how to use them? French speakers use the word ‘annee’ to describe a year, while an is used to focus on a particular time or event that occurred in a specific year. Here’s an explanation of these two terms, as well as some examples of how to use them. You can use them to say ‘what year is it?’ with confidence.

The first step to learning French is to learn how to talk about the months. Months are used more than just on the calendar, and French speakers talk about them a lot. Listed below are some ways to use these words in your own sentences. Remember that the month in French is not capitalized, so you can put the day of the month before the month. You can also learn how to talk about the day of the week in French.

The month of February marks the beginning of Saint-Valentin, which is an ideal time to brush up on French love words. Then, you’ll have Mardi Gras, which is always followed by Lent. Finally, you’ll learn how to say each month in French in a sentence and how to speak about important events. In addition to the months, you’ll also learn the words for Easter and Bastille Day.

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